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TGB - - - [ Primary - Air ] ~ Farox * by Acerbiic TGB - - - [ Primary - Air ] ~ Farox * by Acerbiic

* Drawn by the brilliant waxwiing!
< 3.13.15 | Updated art with his new tattoo! >
< 10.1.14 | New drawn reference showing his new scars courtesy of the amazing Palo! >
< 6.30.14 | New drawn reference for the coming age up - you did a fabulous job, Creabby. uvu >
< 3.13.14 | New drawn reference - you're amazing, Liz! uwu >
< 3.5.14 | Updated age. >
< 1.12.14 | Hory shiet he remembered things. >
< 1.5.14 | Updated age. >
< 12.15.13 | John and Farox are now soulbonds! >
< 11.11.13 | Transferred to new ref. (temporary) >
< 11.5. 13 | Updated age and family. >
< 9.20.13 | Added Kitus's tail charm. ;3; >
< 9.8.13 | No new art, but Farox is now two years old! His hydrophobia has gotten a bit less overwhelming since he became an adult. >
< 7.10.13 | Updated family - he now has four kits. >
< 7.04.13 | Updated reference and personality for the upcoming age up. >
< 6.13.13 | Updated family - he has taken on Shasta as his mate. >
< 5.05.13 | Updated reference and personality - he is now an adult. >
< 1.12.13 | Accepted! > 
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 Farox (Fair-ox)
:pointr: Meaning: dauntless

Kit Nickname:

 ~5.3 Season Cycles (63 moons)—Born in late autumn
 :pointr: Joined at 12 moons




 Head Crafter

Former Apprentices:
 AscellaAiden, Lusa, Fetch

Current Apprentice:

 Maine Coon/British Shorthair Mix

 Blue-gray tabby patches lay on a frosty white base. The patches are placed more heavily on the left side of his face than on the right, having a particular shape. A single stray spot of gray is splashed under his right eye. On his back, a patch stretches over his shoulders and winds down to about halfway to the tip of his tail, ending in a finely tapered point. The patch on his back forms a heart-like shape.

 Farox's left ear was torn long ago. He acquired both a minuscule nick on his left brow and a small burn that crosses his flank from an incident wherein he rescued the Blue-Light, Kitus. The two long scratches on his left front leg were inflicted by a caiman during the caiman war. Two bite marks on his right ear from Sylvani. A long scratch over his left eye from Gabriel. Two claw marks below his right eye from Sylvani. Three claw marks on the left side of his neck from Sylvani. Three scores across his back from Gabriel. Three long scars down his right front leg from Sylvani. Three claw marks on his left back leg from Gabriel.

 Beaded turquoise necklace around his neck given to him by his mother; he added the fangs himself after beating them out of his father and claiming them as his victory prize for defeating him. A large, claw-shaped piercing in his right ear, with turquoise beads that hang down from it on strings; given to him by Kena. Bracelet around tail with three gems, two blue and middle one green; it was Kitus's, before he died. Four arm bands, two of which have aqua-colored gems, and two of which have bright green ones; given by Farox's soulbond, John.


Personality type:

{ Personality }

[ Outspoken | Fearless | Powerful | Independent | Pompous | Relentless | Slow to trust ]

[ Courageous | Loyal | Actor | Inquisitive | Headstrong | Independent | Haughty | Slow to trust ]

{ :bulletgreen: } || Courageous;; Farox tries his hardest to never show fear. Fear is a weakness, something that blinds you and slurs your thoughts. He doesn't tolerate it, whether it be in him or shows in someone else. He could perhaps be called desperate to keep his existing fears concealed underneath his image rather than on it, and if he is not entirely able to mask them, he is typically quite successful at turning his fear into what appears to be dislike or anger.

{ :bulletgreen: } || Loyal;; Though it is indeed hard to befriend Farox due to his issues with putting trust in others, once someone does manage to do so, he will devote himself to that friendship. A cat like himself is destined not to have many friends, and he is aware of that, but for the very same reason, he is fiercely protective of the few friends he does have. Losing a friend would hurt more than not having one to begin with, and being aware of this, Farox is very picky about who he would call his friend.

{ :bulletgreen: } || Actor;; Farox is rather good at masking his emotions and intentions. This is good for him, and a noteworthy trait that sticks out brilliantly in the right situation. He's certainly quite the charmer on a good day, to say the least. One thing he can't always hide so well, though, is that he loves to show off his natural strength and fitness as well as his finesse in control and energy of his abilities. To say the least, he's a showoff and a flaunt. But, if you dug a little deeper, you'd find that if there was one thing he wanted in the world, it would have to be an idol.

{ :bulletgreen:/:bulletred: } || Inquisitive;; Must know, has to know. Very very curious; however, sometimes the saying "curiosity killed the cat" actually kills him. He knows it's not advised but he is willing to bend or break the rules for some information. Secrets make him burn, he wants to know; he wants to know everything; which derives with a fear of being "out of the loop". Any new kits anywhere? Any new tribal rivalries going on? Who all has joined the tribes recently? Who's mentoring who? The more he knows about other cats, the more secure he feels around them. Same goes for current events. However, it does get him along.

{ :bulletred:/:bulletgreen: } || Headstrong;; Farox states his opinions honestly and bluntly, even if other cats do not like it. Once upon a time, he rather enjoyed stepping on other cats' toes, but now he just does it to do it. When he was younger, Farox didn't always think about the possible negative effects of his actions. This led him into many a difficult situation, but he has grown to be more cautious over time. Still, if he wants something done, he'll make sure it is done, and if he wants something attained, he'll make sure it is attained. This can take its toll on he himself in addition to whoever or whatever poses a threat to his goals.

{ :bulletred: } || Independent;; Farox is doesn't generally let himself succumb to the influence of anyone else. However, he rejects most warmth and friendliness that may be directed towards him, be it advice, concern, or sympathy—most often only if the giver is of equal or lesser rank to him. He does, however, take most compliments proudly. He refuses to depend on anyone else; he can damn well take care himself. This is to say, he goes his own way, doesn't depend on anyone else, and doesn't treat others very kindly unless he's marked them as a friend, or they are of some value to him or those he cares about.

{ :bulletred: } || Haughty;; Farox has a habit of looking down on other cats. It's not as though he just thinks he's better than them for no reason; no, he merely puts his qualities above theirs. Pft, that cat lends trust far too easily; it'll bite them in their rear one day. Hah, that cat shakes like a twig; they'll never catch anything if they can't stand still. How sad, that one can't even speak properly. That one's plain ignorant. Oh well. To him, you just can't fix what's wrong with other cats; that's up to them. There's not much of a point in trying. There's also no point in just letting it pass by. Sure, he's proud of himself, but his road wasn't exactly easy, and he's learned a thing or two about other cats along the way. It took he himself a lot of pain before he actually shaped up into a cat he could really enjoy being.

{ :bulletred: } || Slow to trust;; Farox does not trust any particular cat; to be more precise, he veers away from trusting any other cats in general. He believes that he is his only ally; everyone else is just filler in the world, if not a rival or a bump in his golden road. Anyone who he views as having "wronged" him will remain on his bad side until they "redeem themselves," or he forgets about the situation. He has little sympathy for the underdogs and at times only respects someone after a dispute with them, be it physical or vocal. This only adds in to his problematic social life. But if you truly gain his trust and his loyalty; if you've begun to rub off on him and if he sees you in a time of need, he will be there. And he won't let you go until he knows you're okay.

{ Other }

[ Amnesiac | Hydrophobic | Pyromaniac ]

{ :bulletblack: } || Amnesiac;; Partial memory loss due to a past experience in which his electricity-ability reacted violently to contact with water, sending a powerful shock through his body and brain. This damaged his brain's limbic system, and due to the initial trauma, Farox forgot most of his life preceding his third moon. (Retrograde amnesia)
:pointr: With the help of Zarya, Farox has finally uncovered his past, and gotten his memories back. As a note, he can be rather forgetful at times these days, but it doesn't seem to be related to his past amnesia.

{ :bulletblack: } || Hydrophobic;; Fear of water. Farox never goes out when it rains—instead, he huddles inside a den—and stays clear from all sources of water when possible. Splashing, to him, is quite possibly the worst sound ever. He also doesn't drink water—ever. He depends on juices from berries and prey to stay hydrated, and as a result of this he often suffers from mild dehydration. This leads to him experiencing headaches, loss of appetite, tiredness and fatigue, dry skin, chills, and head rushes.

:pointr: Since joining the Tribes, Farox has managed to tame his fear of water for the most part. He still doesn't drink it and is still unable to swim, though, so unless it's inconvenient, or has something to do with his duties, he typically stays clear away from deep water. There is one additional exception to this; in times of desperation, he can sometimes be seen staring out at Ezrael's Lake. The still water seems surreal to him, and soothes his nerves. Update- now that he knows the source of his phobia, it's gotten just a little bit worse - he avoids water more often, afraid of the possibility of his amnesia 'making a comeback.'

{ :bulletblack: } || Pyromaniac;; This is a little awkward sometimes, but Farox really enjoys fire. Sometimes he goes out in the woods and uses his spark ability to set small fires, but of course he takes care not to let them spread. If you asked him why he liked fire so much, he would have a hard time expressing his reasoning. But, deep down, he admires the beauty of the flame, and its capacity for both aid (such as providing warmth and protection) and destruction. Whenever he meets a Fire-Triber, he tries to figure out whether they're primary or secondary. If it turns out they're primary, he'll be overjoyed, and either he'll keep his pleasure to himself or he'll ask them to put on a little show for him. If it turns out they're secondary, he'll probably be much less enthusiastic towards them. It can't be helped - either way, he would have loved to be a primary Green-Fire, had he had the choice. Not that he hasn't grown to love Air-Tribe; he can even create his own fires, and manipulate the wind. It's kind of a win-win, isn't it?

{ Backstory }

Born in a litter of three, Archer never truly got to know his family in his youth. He's never even seen his mother, though he has sensed her, felt her, and heard her voice many a time. When he was just a kit, eyes not even open, his mother bestowed to him a necklace of turquoise beads; this was one of the few times she'd expressed a sincere fondness for him. His father, though, was far worse. He was abusive, and attacked Archer from the time he was about two moons old for battle training. His mother would teach him to hunt as a voice in a tree instructing him, with threats of sending his father if he did the wrong thing. His father also prevented interaction with any cat other than himself and Archer's mother. When the time came that his tattoo showed up, Archer felt different. He could tell that something had changed—a distant sense of new power within him. While each day he trained with his parents, for some time each night he experimented with his ability. He could sense things he had been unable to sense before, and it was very helpful. He gradually grew able to track his parents when they were reasonably near, and he made sure to use this to his advantage when his dear father came to "visit."

He felt that his father was proud of him for being so successful in training, but in all truth, there was no way to know. Archer only knew that he was getting hurt in the fights less and less, and that was a very good thing. After formally being bestowed the kit-name "Archer," from his parents, he started to get cocky. He ventured closer and closer to the confines of "his" defined territory, and often sat to sense what went on beyond. He learned that another cat lived in the territory next to him, and his parents often went there, too. This roused his curiosity—new or foreign cats had never come through his territory, so naturally he wished to meet one.

Archer was aware of his father's distaste for disobedience, and typically stayed within the confines of his stretch of territory, even if usually near the edge. He was almost always under surveillance by one of his parents, whether it be his mother or father, and he knew it; but it didn't really bother him. He was confident with regards to his training with them. One day, the sensed-things beyond his territory came to him stronger, clearer than before, and he could define them as the telltale sounds of a fight without much hassle. Buried in the hissing, spitting, yowling, there was a sudden cry, which so strangely prompted him to dash over the border with not a moment's hesitation. He soon came upon his father (and mother in the trees), attacking a rather pretty she-cat that seemed to be the same age as he himself. Archer was repulsed by the scene—the she-cat hadn't even been fighting back! How dare his father keep attacking her? Fueled by adrenaline and rage, the young tom leaped in, defending the she-cat by barreling his father with attacks again and again. With a hiss, his father lashed out at Archer, snapping at his ear to leave a permanent tear. Ablaze with pain and rage, Archer came back with a heavy blow to his father's face, bowling into him and pummeling at his muzzle until it started to bleed and his father was able to throw him off. Archer's father spit out two teeth that had been knocked loose sometime during the fight, which invoked a slight smirk on his son's part. Both toms panting heavily and suffering a toll-taking loss of blood, a silent draw was proclaimed. Archer escaped, but not before snatching the two fangs of his father as a prize.
In his mind, this was a victory for him, for a change.

Not far from his old territory, when the adrenaline rush died down, Archer stopped to tend to his injuries. He was sad to see his ear torn, but at the same time proud. It was a token of victory, just as were the two fangs which now were stored on his necklace among the beads. But the next day, the true test came.
A typical type of day after a storm blows through, this day did not seem at all out of the norm to Archer. There was no feeling of apprehension or any trace of a bad omen. When he looks back on this day, however, the young tom can't help but think in frustration, "Maybe there was?" He can't remember it, after all.

The sun was shining, the sky all but clear, with just a few scattered, fluffy clouds obscuring the blue. It was a magnificent day, really; one worth remembering. Though, he had to keep moving. He used to hear both of their voices in the trees at night, telling him the stories of the tribes. He would find them, and become one of them. Take up the craft of his parents, and better, at that.

A stranger spotted him as he maneuvered through the wood and yowled at him, making him stop firmly in his tracks. Archer yowled as his paw thrust forward and he began tumbling towards a muddy pool. His breath caught in his throat as he was thrown by gravity into the large pool of water, and his head went under. Naturally a rainwater puddle wouldn't be this deep, and Archer was very tall. Could it have been a water source that was simply tainted with muddy soil during the storm? Blue eyes screamed for help from below the muddied surface, the blue-tabby-and-white tom flailed wildly as he took in water in an effort to get air. He did not know how to get out of the water!

He felt teeth grip his scruff and start to pull him up. Terrified, thinking something was in the water, Archer struggled and screamed, letting out more of his precious oxygen reserve. Fangs met blood as the cat tried to get a grip on the struggling tom, and a single resulting spark from Archer's fur was all it took to light the pool with electrical energy. The cat dropped him into the electrified pool, leaving him to meet his fate.

That was the moment. The moment of truth... The moment he lost everything he was. The body survived, but Archer was gone. A single spark left his memories all but blank.

After that happened, he was really on his own—bloodied and bruised. The necklace he had provided some comfort, for it helped him remember small details of his memories... What his parents smelled like. How he was strong, how he had to have been strong because of the teeth in it. Though he remembered most of the tactics in hunting and fighting he'd learned before, some were lost to him. Even so, he supported and defended himself, shaping well into the life of a nomad. He didn't rename himself.

Eventually, he ran into a large group of cats. They called themselves "exiles". They... They seemed to think his tattoo was important; he, too, had thought that,
but he wasn't quite sure what to make of it. Some of the cats who had similar markings on their backs offered him help, and though he despised the thought of relying on others, he was curious, and this would only benefit him if he was ever in a struggle. They healed his injuries. He became known as Arrow for a short while, though he mostly stayed to himself. Half of the time he had was spent practicing his hunting or fighting and power, and the other half was spent listening to gossip or Tribe stories and sleeping. He never was much of a socializer.

A strange cat came one day, calling himself Aiolos. Arrow was intrigued by him—he had a tattoo like himself, but it was a color he'd never seen before. This led him to believe that Aiolos was truly special, and that he wasn't just spewing things from his muzzle. A kind of mental respect built up in Arrow for Aiolos, but yet, he still didn't feel comfortable around him. Many of the other exiles went with him when he left, but Arrow stayed behind. Salvation from this place was not so golden to him—he had enough food and water. Much later, when he started hearing rumors of the "Tribe" cats returning, he wasn't sure whether he wanted to leave or stay and see what was with them.

True to the gossip, the Tribes did return. Arrow decided to stay after a few nights spent observing the strange cats, and soon revealed himself to them, to melt into the ranks of the Air Tribe. He received a new name—Farox—at his Ceremony of Light, and has been called such since.

As a Blue/Green-Air, Farox met Shasta, a Pink/Orange-Earth at the time. It wasn't the most delightful meeting, actually; Farox was being confronted by a... a sort-of-friend - Maika - for injuring a Pink-Earth, Akida, who was also present. Rishi, Akida's mentor, was there too. All the Air-Tribe tom wanted to do was to put it behind him, but Maika wouldn't let him. Shasta tried to intervene, but to no avail. In the end, Farox ended up retreating from the scene, Shasta trailing behind him. The adolescent was in distress, though, and as such, was reluctant to allow this stranger to keep following him. After an unsuccessful attempt to get ahead of her, he turned on the she-cat and clawed her shoulder. Instantly, he regretted it. He hadn't meant to hurt her like that, he just... He just wanted to be alone. Apologizing incessantly, the Blue/Green-Air fled back into the trees.

Four meetings later with the she-cat - as adults - Farox and Shasta spoke about becoming mates. It was strange, speaking to the Silver-Earth about their future, but ultimately, it worked out. About a moon later, the pair welcomed four healthy kits to Earth-Tribe. When their kittens were born, however, Earth-Tribe's territory had been overrun with monstrous scaly beasts called caimans. As a result of this, the entire tribe was forced to evacuate from their own land and live in the Clearing of Light - part of Light-Tribe's territory.

Before the kits turned three moons old, the Silvers and Yellows of every tribe but Air and Water went to confront the leader of the caimans, and an all-out war ensued. All of the tribe authorities battled with the caimans that day - as did all of the guards and warriors and even apprentices of each tribe. Even Farox himself fought on the battlefield. The casualties were horrid. Two Silvers - Tylluan, the Silver-Shadow, and Aiolos, the Silver-Air - died in the war with the caimans, shaking Farox to his core. A third leader - Tzurai, the Silver-Fire - sacrificed herself to the spirits by jumping into a volcano, and a fourth leader - Vitani, the Silver-Water - left the tribes for good. The Yellow-Light, Jazlyn, left as well. Only Earth-Tribe's authority figures remained untouched, though even Rey, the Silver-Earth, lost a life in the war. Farox did his best to keep his kits out of it. Ignorance is bliss, right?

The new tribe authorities were as follows:

- Tara, Silver-Air; Castail, Silver-Fire; Cenek, Silver-Shadow; Tuari, Silver-Water.

- Seraphiel, Yellow-Air; Kinstu, Yellow-Fire; Sojir, Yellow-Shadow; Lully, Yellow-Water; Kehri, Yellow-Light.

Farox was unsure of how he felt about these choices - mostly regarding the new Yellow-Air, Seraphiel, who was a stranger to him before he'd received that position, but Kehri's deputyship was a... surprise... as well.

{ Family }

Mother || Chou, Exile. (name unknown) Living outside the tribes, presumably. Ginger, brown patched tabby. Amber eyes, slender build. Long fur. (Maine Coon)

Father || Emyr, Exile. (name unknown) Living outside the tribes, presumably. Gray and white tom with thick tabby stripes. Burly build, stormy blue-gray eyes. Short fur. (Domestic Shorthair)

Sister || Zarya, Orange-Light. Living in Light-Tribe. Mottled tabby with bold black stripes. Gray eyes, tall but sturdy build. Long fur. (Maine Coon/Domestic Shorthair)

Sister || Hunter, Exile. (unknown) Living outside the tribes, presumably. Ginger, brown, and white torbie. Amber eyes, stocky build, several scars. Short fur. (Maine Coon/Domestic Shorthair)

Mate || Shasta, Guard. Deceased. (Somali/Snowshoe/Havana Brown)

Cousin-in-Law || Tuari, Silver-Water. Deceased.

Son || Jace, Healer. Living in Light-Tribe.

Son || Idek, Loner. Living beyond the tribes.
Son || Merlin, Warrior. Living in Air-Tribe.

Son || Kite, Kitten. Deceased.

Daughter || Cadia, Guard. Living in Water-Tribe.

Daughter || Sylvani, Miner. Living in Earth-Tribe.

Daughter || Anastasia, Healer. Living in Light-Tribe.
Daughter || Naeli, Gem Collector. Living in Water-Tribe.

Soulbond || John, Warrior. Living in Air-Tribe.

{ Skills }

[ Whisper of the wind | Spark 1 | Spark 2 | Breeze | Spark 3 | Breath | Breath 2 | Windwalking | Whirlwind 1 | Whirlwind 2 | Lightning conductor 1 | Lightning conductor 2 | Bolt || Are we one? | We hear you | Run with me | Hide me | Hover | Weather station | Phone wire | Slow motion | Electric force field | Ultimatum | Imaginaries ]

{ :bulletblue: } || Whisper of the wind;; You have a high awareness of the wind's movements, scent, the sounds it is carrying, giving you an advantage when it comes to the awareness of your surroundings.

{ :bulletblue: } || Spark 1;; A little spark emerges from your fur. It doesn't hurt much and requires quite a bit of energy to cast. It would be enough to start a fire in dry wood or similar things though.

{ :bulletblue: } || Spark 2;; You can now cast a stronger spark that actually hurts a bit with less effort.

{ :bulletblue: } || Breeze;; You are able to call forth a little breeze of wind, which requires a lot of energy in calling it forth and controlling. Be careful what you call forth, even if the breeze is not very strong.

{ :bulletblue: } || Spark 3;; The spark you can cast is now able to burn skin directly and hurts quite a lot. If right spots are hit, nerves could spasm from the electric shock.

{ :bulletblue: } || Breath;; You can call forth a bigger force of wind now, which is navigatable with a lot of effort. Not quite enough to blow a cat off its feet but enough to stagger.

{ :bulletblue: } || Breath 2;; A bigger, navigable force that requires less energy now. You can knock another cat off its paws with a direct hit.

{ :bulletblue: } || Windwalking;; Using air and electric forces, you will be able to hover above the ground for a bit, being able to run freely without caring for the grounds attributes.

{ :bulletblue: } || Whirlwind 1;; You can create a small spiral of air which can pick up small objects and throw them else where, however it's draining and can get out of control for a short amount of time.

{ :bulletblue: } || Whirlwind 2;; You can call forth a bigger spiral of air force using a lot of energy which can grow bigger. It will have its own will, so be very careful what you cast. Only navigable with the assistance of a soulbond.

{ :bulletblue: } || Lightning conductor 1;; You may now manipulate the direction and flow of electricity through conducting materials like water and metals.

{ :bulletblue: } || Lightning conductor 2;; Adds conduction through air. 
{ :bulletblue: } || Bolt;; Engulfs your whole pelt in electricity, to be used as either offense or defense. Saps nearly all energy and could make the user faint afterwards.
Total | 13

{ :bulletpurple: } || Are we one?;; The Secondary user is able to feel where the primary user is at any moment by concentrating.
{ :bulletpurple: } || We hear you;; The Secondary user gains the Primary user’s heightened awareness of wind movements.
{ :bulletpurple: } || Run with me;; The Secondary user can loan the Primary user their ability to run faster than normal cats, but only as long as they both run at the same time.
{ :bulletpurple: } || Hide me;; The Secondary user can hide the Primary user’s scent for brief periods of time using a windfield.
{ :bulletpurple: } || Hover;; The Primary user can loan the Secondary user their ability to hover above the ground.
{ :bulletpurple: } || Weather station;; The Primary user gains the Secondary user’s ability to predict the weather.
{ :bulletpurple: } || Phone wire;; By directing currents, the Primary and Secondary user can now communicate using wind over long distances.

{ :bulletpurple: } || Slow motion;; Using air resistance, the Secondary user can now slow down targets in a direct area without affecting the Primary user.

{ :bulletpurple: } || Electric force field;; Combining the Primary and Secondary user’s abilities, they can create a force field around themselves that will shock anyone who tries to break it. The electric shocks given by this force field are not likely to do any sort of permanent damage.

{ :bulletpurple: } || Ultimatum;; The secondary user gives the primary user his powers for a very limited period of time, mostly only 1 attack! WARNING: Heavy energy loss and/or unconsciousness from shock are not rare.

{ :bulletpurple: } || Imaginaries;; Think of your own moves and combinations, then note them to the group and we will say yay or nay.

Total | 11

{ Signature Move } || Live wire;; Skills involved are Spark 3 and Lightning conductor 1 / 2. Farox sends out a concentrated stream of electricity from his paws that, through conduction, can be directed to "constrict" his enemy. (Like a boa constrictor, pretty much.) This makes the dosage of electricity more effective. It can wrap around their leg(s), their chest, their tail, etc. (Anything that physically can be wrapped around.) If used in rain, the move can backfire.
* Joined when Air-Tribe was level 1

{ Memes & Things }

Heart chartPlot meme, Height chart

{ Roleplay Sample }

  [ Green-Air / Farox / The Breathing Caldera ] with Shasta.

The blue-gray tabby and white tom put one steady paw after another forward, a contented smile resting upon his muzzle. His turquoise gaze swept across Ezrael's Lake, a look as tranquil as the very Waters of Ezrael settled within it. Early morning light blanketed the horizon, and Farox found that not a single doubt was biting at his fur. The tom seemed to almost radiate confidence, recently-acquired spring-green wings stretching across his shoulders. He'd walked all night to get to where he was now, but he wasn't done yet.

The Green-Air veered off of the path he had taken up until now, turning towards Pheasant Woods to rest up for a bit and ingest some berries for hydration purposes. Activating his tattoo under the canopy of the trees, Farox scanned his surroundings for any trace of prey running rampant in the forest. Luminous eyes flitting this way and that, it wasn't long before he caught sight of something worth following up on.

His stomach churning in hunger, the bone-crafter summoned a light breeze to make sure that the wind wouldn't shift and betray his position to the rodent. Not having hunted recently, the tom found it refreshing to be feeding himself this time, and as he dropped into a hunter's crouch and inched towards the small animal, he found that his heart was racing. Now this was exciting.

Yet, as the Air-Triber came close enough to steal the inferior being's life away without a moment's doubt, he realized just how mundane the hunt really was. It was nothing to get stirred up over - hardly even a challenge, really.

Containing a sigh, Farox lunged forward, and in the blink of an eye, landed on top of the bushy-tailed creature, splayed paws armed with thorn-sharp claws pressed onto its neck. Narrowing his slitted eyes, the blue-gray tabby and white tom finished the deed, then watched as the squirrel's lifeblood slowly trickled out from its neck, forming a small crimson pool at the bone-crafter's paws.

After a short time spent cleaning himself up, the Green-Air scooped up the rodent and set off again. He had to hurry if he was to get to where he wanted before it was too late. Eyes reflecting the midday sun, he squinted, searching the horizon for any signs of other cats. Seeing none, he continued onward. Making good use of his windwalking ability to ensure his safety, he hurried across the Rolling Bridge, tail streaming behind him. Once he'd gotten all the way across, the bone-crafter hurried north, slowing only when his destination was finally within reach.

The Breathing Caldera. Both Earth- and Water-Tribers roamed this area often, or so he had heard, so naturally he came to this place in the hopes of meeting one. However, that hope was not general; there was only one cat, from just one of those tribes, whom he'd so wished to meet here: an Earth-Triber by the name of Shasta. She was . . . she meant a lot to him. The sepia-hued she-cat was probably the only cat in Nandryx who he cared about the way he did.

Letting out a soft sigh, the Green-Air took a few more steps forward until the soft sound of pawsteps invaded his ears. He blinked, raising his head as though he didn't quite believe it - wasn't quite sure that his senses were telling him the truth the first time. He couldn't exactly count on his nose at the moment, the squirrel's scent blocking out the smells of anything else. However, his eyes convinced him otherwise.

There she was. He could spot her earthy-colored pelt anywhere. Immediately, he set off towards her, the squirrel dangling awkwardly from his jaws as he ran. Once he finally reached her, he hastily set down the furry rodent and stood before the other feline, a glint in his eyes as he surveyed her appearance. "Fancy seeing you here," Farox mrrowed mischievously, a grin resting upon his muzzle. After a brief pause, he spoke up again, weaving his way around the other cat playfully. "Something seems different . . ."

Farox © Acerbiic
TGB © Admins
Art © waxwiing
Theft will not be tolerated.
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Acerbiic Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2015
Thank you! I didn't draw this ref, but I'm glad you like it.
HauntedMuck Featured By Owner May 7, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
sobs on

Farox pls
Mistymistt Featured By Owner May 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omg, him and Ari should meet ouo *Softly tosses Aria at*
Biirdi Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Maybe farox can give Acacia a little history lesson?
Acacia l TGB by Biirdi
eliza1star Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Student General Artist
John: .... 8 C
Acerbiic Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014
Farox: :/
eliza1star Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  Student General Artist
John: >: [
Shawsky-Demon Featured By Owner Edited Jul 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He looks badass
Acerbiic Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014
He's a guy. |D But thanks! He was drawn by Galaxy-Prince.
Shawsky-Demon Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, oops sorry
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Farox is a pretty badss name 
Acerbiic Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014
Dank. owo
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<suib>*squints* What is this madness?
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*squints at conversation below* Hmmm...something...

just doesn't seem right...hmmm...

Nico: Eww adults. Gross. OMG Germs. Don't touch me you adult you.
Acerbiic Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014

Farox: It's gonna suck for you when you become one if you think of adults like that. uou
SimplyNeon Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nico: Yeah but you won't be a superior warrior compared to me! :icondivaplz:
And you're gonna be old and fat and stuff so you won't be able to keep up with all this. *gestures to body*
Acerbiic Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014
Farox: I am a bone-crafter, not a warrior - though I have often opted to fight with the warriors. I probably should have been one, but I was very interested in honing my powers, and my choice or profession has paid off in the long run.
*laughs* Oh, you've got a lot to learn, kid. My body's gonna be for a long time yet - I'm not that old.
SimplyNeon Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nico: Bone-crafter, bone-smaffer...whatever. All you do is take the bones from dead stuff and make it into new stuff, not all that cool to me *humph*
Well, you might not be as old as the Silver-Shadow, but you're still up there. ;D
Acerbiic Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014
Farox: And what do you do? Hunt all day? Sit around and guard somewhere all day? None of the professions are very cool.
SimplyNeon Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nico: We do fun stuff, but I'm not letting you in on the warriors secrets, so you'll just have to become a warrior to find out how awesome it is! And you're not cool you old man >:U
Acerbiic Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014
Farox: Mmm. I'd rather not. Besides, I have an apprentice to mentor in the bone-crafting field, you know - I can't just up and switch professions. *flicks tail* Perhaps I can get my soulbond to tell me these "warriors secrets" you speak of.
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Acerbiic Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013
what a hottie
Acerbiic Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013
Farox: I suppose you could say that. u-u I'm sure there are better lookers out there though.
Acerbiic Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013
And modest too! *u*
what am I doing with my life.
Acerbiic Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013
Farox: Good question. unu
elixodus Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013
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Nice work!
Airtribe is the best Tribe woooohooo!
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It isssssssssss omg
Xtimeszero Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013  Student General Artist
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Ahh your character is amazing ;u;
Acerbiic Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013
Thank you ;w;
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You're very welcome! C:
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ALL OF THE :iconrainbow-yplz::iconrainbow-eplz::iconrainbow-splz::iconrainbow-exclamation:
Acerbiic Featured By Owner May 22, 2013
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Caelum: who gave him that scar

Caelum: I want to hug them


Ohgawd he's all grown up and is going to kill all of us
Acerbiic Featured By Owner May 5, 2013
A tree, when he was saving Kitus. :iconmegustaplz:
arwogin Featured By Owner May 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Caelum: ....oh. *hugs tree*
Hollyseven Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Soph. Here's your daily bug. Asking today, would you prefer ending our rp right there and adding to relationships? :/
Acerbiic Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013
Most if not all of my rps are currently on hold due to current time restrictions and a writing block that's been frustrating me for a while now. I'd like to continue, but I can't guarantee when I'll get my muse back. In the meantime I'm trying to write my replies anyway but they never end up finished because I'm not satisfied and just end up abandoning the works in progress, and the cycle repeats. I apologize for the ridiculous wait, and for this annoying response, but I'll try to get back to our rp as soon as possible. If you've read all this, thanks for listening. ^^;
PS: I never deleted your first comment from my messages so that I have some pressure on me, since that helps sometimes. OTL
Hollyseven Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013  Student Digital Artist
No need for pressure, darling <3 I can wait c: Though, if you prefer we could end this one and start off a new - a new setting often brings new motivation, and I love to see those two interacting <3

Faranda FTW!
Acerbiic Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013
Take that, writer's block.
Hollyseven Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oh soph. You did wrong O.O you woke in me the hopes for more than 1-2 posts tonight :eyes:
This... turns into a love-hate. I can see XD
Hollyseven Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013  Student Digital Artist
*huggles* Everyone gets over 'em - fight it! You can do it! :iconsuperw00tplz:
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Soph, we still have a note rp ongoing *pokes into ribcage*
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The little rat omfg ;o;
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